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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become a member of the library?

For enrolment as a member of the library, you need to fill up the membership form which is available at Circulation Counter in the Library or download the form from Library website click. For Students, Faculty, Research Scholars, Officer and Staff, the membership form fill in the prescribed forms and after making necessary deposit(s) should be submitted to Circulation Counter.


How are the books arranged in the library?

Books in the library are arranged according to classification number. After locating an item in the WebOPAC, note down the call number of the book. The call number is the address of the book location in the stack area.


How do I search a book from WebOPAC?

Computers are available in the Library for accessing WebOPAC which provide information about status of the book for checkout. WebOPAC can also be access from the web by visiting Library website.


What should I do if I Loss Library Membership Card?

If a member loses a Library Membership card, it should be immediately reported to the Librarian. A duplicate Library Membership card may be issued on payment of the required amount.


What is the Responsibility of a borrower of Books?

Each borrower will be responsible for the books borrowed against the Library Membership card issued to the member, and for the return of the books to the Library without damage.


What is the loan period of general Books?

For all categories of Library member, the loan period of books is 15 days. Faculty members are permitted a loan period 1 semester for 10 number of books.


How can I renew my books?

Books can be renewed once to the borrower provided those books have not been requisitioned by any other member. However, renewal will be done only when the book is physically brought to the library.


What are the General Rules and Code of Conduct?

  • Personal belonging such as handbags, files, umbrella, etc. should be left with the attendant at the entrance inside the Library.
  • Improper behaviour like Smoking, chewing betel nut, spitting, eating, drinking, making noise and using Mobile phones, etc.  are not allowed inside the Library.
  • Pet like dogs, cats etc. shall not be brought inside the Library.
  • Library Members must not cause any disturbance or engage in any behavior which interferes with library activities. Proscribed behaviour includes (but is not limited to) verbal abuse, threats of violence, sexual harassment, or use of aggressive words to harass any person.
  • Library  members  must  not  carry  lethal  weapons  or  other  potentially dangerous items inside the library.
  • Stern action will be initiated against library members/visitors found vandalizing or defacing library reading materials, furniture, equipment, library building, etc.

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