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Library Staff

Sl. No. Name Designation E-mail Phone
1. Dr. Lalremsiami Librarian 0389-2330640 (O)
Fax : 0389-2330677
2. Dr. Sanjeev Deputy Librarian 0389-2330073
3. Dr. Lallaisangzuali Asst. Librarian (S.G.) 0389-2331548
4. B. Lalhlimpuii Asst. Librarian  
5. Dr. Rohlupuii Pachuau Asst. Librarian  
6. David Lalchhuanawma Information Scientist 0389-2330068
7. Dr. C. Lawmzuala Professional Assistant  
8. Denghmingliana Professional Assistant  
9. Lalrinkimi Professional Assistant  
10. Lalbiaknunga Professional Assistant  
11. Irene Lalremsangi Semi Professional Assistant    
12. C. Lalrozauva Semi Professional Assistant    
13. Laldinpuii Hauhnar Semi Professional Assistant    
14. Johny Lalsailova Semi Professional Assistant    
15. S. Lalrempuii Semi Professional Assistant    
16. Lalthapuii Semi Professional Assistant    
17. C. Zothanzauva Library Assistant    
18. Lalsangzeli Library Assistant    
19. Yummy Lalrinngheti Library Attendant    
20. C. Lalnunsiami Library Attendant    
21. F. Sangzikpuii Library Attendant    
22. Lalruatsanga Library Attendant    
23. K. Lalduhkima Library Attendant    
24. Jessica Lalhmunmawii Library Attendant    
25. Lalmuanawma Pautu Library Attendant    

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